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simulation and scientific computing

Projects under development

Development of tools for extraction and analysis of Fermi data.
Project leader: Denis Bastieri
Field of research: Astrophysics
Description: Speed up of scientific database datamining using GPU
Implementation of Gyrokinetic Codes.
Project leader: Fabio Sattin
Field of research: Plasma physics
Description: Development of a new 3D gyrokinetic code on a multi-GPU architecture
Performance Study of a GPU in Real-Time Applications for HEP Experiments.
Project leader: Giorgio Urso
Field of research: High energy physics
Description: We want to study the timing performance of GPU technology for possible low latency applications, performing basic operations as well as some more advanced HEP trigger algorithms such as fast tracking or calorimetric clustering.
Simulation of a neural network.
Project leader: prof. Stefano Vassanelli
Field of research: Biophysics
Description: Real time simulation of a neural network of 10 thousand neurons and 10 milion of interconnecting links (www.cyberrat.eu).