Fermi Sky – v. 1.0.1



The Universe is home to numerous exotic and beautiful phenomena, some of which can generate almost inconceivable amounts of energy. Supermassive black holes, merging neutron stars, streams of hot gas moving close to the speed of light ... these are but a few of the marvels that generate gamma-ray radiation, the most energetic form of radiation, billions of times more energetic than the type of light visible to our eyes.
Now all these phenomena are studied by the Fermi Telescope, launched on June 11, 2008, from Cape Canaveral, the highest profile mission of NASA's Structure and Evolution of the Universe theme.
You can be kept informed about the Fermi's most important discoveries on what is happening now in the violent side of the Universe or track in real-time the Fermi satellite orbiting around our planet. Enable Push notifications and be updated!
Fermi sky features different tabs:
TRACK – using seamless integration with iPhone mapping capabilities the actual location of the satellite is displayed in real-time.
NEWS – subdivided into different categories:
  1: The most important discoveries of Fermi: a nova went off in Cygnus, millisecond pulsars, energetic flares from far-away galaxies and GRBs (Gamma-Ray Bursts), gigantic explosions second only to Big Bang.
  2: News useful for all astronomy stakeholders: target of opportunities, flaring objects and the likes.
  3: GRB news.
Each iPhone can be customized to receive any of these news, just access the 'Settings' tab!
MAPS – Huge maps or videos, the visions of the Universe seen in gamma-rays by Fermi.
Fermi Sky Splashscreen

  Splashscreen credit: NASA/General Dynamics
Category: Education
Updated: May 13, 2011
Current version: 1.0.1
Size: 11.5 MB
Languages: English, French and Italian
Copyright: G. Saccardo & D. Bastieri, © 2011 Padova University Press
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

News section

Two screenshots of the News section:
The main articles are listed as in the screenshot on the right. Each news may be selected and displayed in a customised window. For single news display, given the presence of large images or movies, we advice to select the landscape mode like in the screenshot below. News are taken from NASA FSSC site or the Italian site provided by INAF-IASF in Milan News may be displayed in either English, French or Italian, according to the language selected in the Setting tab.
News landscape
News portrait

Tracking and Maps

Have you ever wondered where is Fermi flying by?
Just select the Track tab and see where it flies as in the screen shot on the right.
or.. are you wondering how the sky looks like at Fermi energies
The tab Maps prompts you with some pictures of the Universe as seen by Fermi, an example is in the screenshot below.
Maps landscape
Track portrait